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    I would love to hear from you in any way, either in the form of questions, about your thoughts on my blog, sharing your experiences with me, sharing your valuable comments, recommendations, tips, ideas, or even with a big HI.

    I always look for some new places, less traveled, to let my audience find one more direction to travel. Further, I would certainly feel privileged in answering the common queries like- How I plan my travel, how I support my travel financially, what things I look into before planning for a destination and many more.

    Do you have any travel query?

    A lot of questions hover in the minds of many of my close ones and fellow travel mates, from the time they came to know about my passion and have gone through my travel blogs.

    Some of the common question that I come to hear very frequently are-

    Most of your queries, I have already stated in FAQs

    Wondering on how to start a blog?

    There are endless number of things, points, scenarios or state of mind with which a blog can be started. It mostly depends on two factors-

    1. 1. On what topic or thing do you want to write a blog?
    2. 2. Why do you want to write a blog and express your ideas?

    If we talk about 1st point, it totally depends upon your perception, passion and ready-to-go attitude to start a blog, no matter how small or big, easy or difficult, educational or inspirational, past or current topic it is. If you think and feel that you can make your mind to reshape your imagination in words, take a pen and notepad and start putting your imagination in words.

    Now, talking about the 2nd point, yeah this question is obviously difficult and uncertain to answer in a very determined and appropriate way.

    Many of the bloggers failed to come up with a good blogging page or website because they always stuck with the question of ‘How to start a blogging website or page?’ With my experience, I would like to suggest them that never look forward to find the answer on How to Start?, because that not only will kill your thoughtful time, but also won’t put you on a place where you can feel your answer is considerably justified with the question of How?

    Instead of scratching your brain on this, try to ask yourself only one question- WHY?

    Why you want to start a blog or a blogging website. Because once you will find the answer to this question, you will be able to answer all your queries related to starting your blog.

    Not only here, in any phase of life if you are stuck somewhere and you do not have a solution to solve it or to come out of it, just try to find out Why you are stuck there and once you will be able to answer this, but you’ll also certainly find some way to get out of your problem. I am not saying this on the basis of any theoretical thesis but is based on my personal experience, not only once but hundreds of times.