About Me

    Hi, I am Ankit Kashyap, a 30-year-old software engineer by profession and a nomadic soul by passion. I grew up in a small nuclear family in Patna, the capital city of Bihar. 

    A boring part of my past

    In my country, especially from the middle-class zone, you must be an Engineer if you are from PCM (abbreviation for Physics, Chemistry, Maths) background, else a Doctor by profession if you are from PCB (abbreviation for Physics, Chemistry, Biology). And this rat race will never gonna end.

    Being from the same familiar background, during my early life, just like the others of my age group, I was also been hypnotized to focus on one thing, i.e. engineering. I also studied till I can breathe, joined Engineering college, and again studied till the breathe lasted (whatever was left after my higher secondary school). After succeeding in these fields, joined a very reputed IT firm and started living my life on the order and penny of others.

    During my childhood, I always feel delighted in knowing about different places and spent almost half of my day exploring the history of the place, monuments, architectures, rivers, Himalayas, and countless things.

    During my professional life era, I realized the hidden traveler in me. And when it became public to me, I already have lost almost 25 years of my life serving to nothing.

    How I started my Travel Journey

    It all started with no plans to put myself on writing this. I was just a part of my friend’s tour where I clicked a few photos of the surroundings and then we returned to our zone and it was all over. After a few weeks, when I was looking at the photos that I clicked during my journey, I realized my passion for traveling, exploring, and love towards photography. So I decided to follow my passion rather than being lazy and obsolete on weekends and doing nothing.

    I backpacked my essential checklists, took my bike and started exploring the nearby famous places. Being located at Pune has added spice to my trip as there are a hell lot of places to explore in-and-around Pune and Maharashtra.

    I used to manage and save money from my salary to plan for a trip every month. That moment came in December, 2016 when I, along with my two extremely close buddies planned a sudden trip to Goa just a night before we started our journey with hardly any details about the place, no hotels booked and the biggest issue was that no tickets booked for either way of the journey.

    To know about my first Goa trip and its adventures

    How I penned down as a Travel Blogger

    When my passion for traveling took the flight in the right direction, I used to save money after my overall expense and start traveling on any direction within India and within my reach in terms of my bucks I carry for the journey.

    I am neither a backpacker, nor I have the habit to live a lavish life or even a comfortable life. I love to travel with less travel cost, love to stay in small hotels and home-stays. I like to go slow and steady, look out for locals to know about the place I am at, to explore their lifestyle and cuisines. I love to travel to hidden or better to say unexplored beauty of the earth, about which hardly have been written about.

    Basically, it is all about Love for your Dream and passion.

    Where I have been now

    After experimenting with my life’s decision and my love for nature, photography and travel, currently I have been to 13 countries, 12 Indian states covering 25+ cities after my journey for blogging started. However, I have been to most of the Indian states, but not as a person who loves to write down his journeys.

    For my future adventures, I have my plans to cover North-East states, God’s owns place Kerala, Auroville near Pondicherry, and globally to visit Nepal, Bhutan, and Europe for now.