This is truly one of the most curious and inquisitive questions which is a bit unanswerable beyond a certain extent. However, I will put all my endeavors to clear your concerns on this.

    As per my understanding, or let’s say that way I follow, planning a trip comes with 2 unboxed questions in parallel. Those are WHERE and WHY. These two should be taken into consideration long before starting your trip. However, putting these two W’s in the wrong order can completely change your travel plans.

    I always start with ‘Why’. Why should I travel?

    Once I am answerable to my Why and find the reason to travel, I then try to figure out different places based on my Why. Like me, if you explore the Why part, it would be very easier to locate Where. If I feel that I want to go somewhere for inner peace and give a halt to my speedy running brain for some time, I would certainly look for mountains or some silent places rather than visiting some crowded beach.

    If I want to capture the beauty of Sunset, I would run for some beautiful beaches, however, in case of capturing the beauty during Sunrise, I would opt for the Himalayas.

    But, the moment we change the order of the W’s and started looking for Where before Why, it would certainly come up with loads of mixed options which will completely entangle your plans. This will not only put you in dilemma but also make yourself unable in deciding the complete itinerary and expenditure aspects.

    What I used to keep with me during travelling

    When you travel, the most important point is to make sure you are packing smart rather than packing light. You must have at least basic handy things with you every time. You must have to be prepared for any uninvited circumstances that might push you back from your journey pans. Once I was travelling with flight, I arrived at the airport while my checked baggage hadn’t. This one incident that happened with me made me realize how important smart packing is all about.

    Before packing your itinerary, you should always write down your travel items to be carried and must sure to checklist your stuffs based on priority. The items in the top list of your priority should provide comfort and convenience during your journey. We should always try that the packed items can serve more than one purpose. Like, instead of taking multiple set of slippers, sandals and shoes, we ca just take one Crocs, as it can be used as slippers as well and can serve good in both dry, wet and muddy areas, and one extra sneaker shoe which is best for all time travelling.

    Before putting any item in my bag, I ask myself twice or thrice- How much this item is necessary for my trip? If it passes my hindrance test, I pack it.

    Next important thing that I must ensure is to pack my singlehandedly, without allowing others to help me preparing it. Doing so, I have the proper idea about what items I kept where in my bag. It is always preferable to carry important documents with you in your handbag or backpack. Always compartmentalize the items based on the urgency of your needs. It will help you in taking out only the item you require at any moment rather than to unpack everything right away to get it.

    The most important thing that needs to be taken care of is to ignore use of plastics as much as possible. The beautiful mother earth has provided us everything in all best ways and it is our foremost duty to take care of her in the best possible way we can. Making less use of plastics will certainly add a feather to your trip when you revise them some later days and feels proud for this.

    Now to start with your journey, check the below set of items that is required to make your journey hassle free.

    1. Travel bag

    I love soft trolleys for sure, but usually only for domestic trips where the weather is not rainy. However, I always prefer to go with ultra-light, rolling, hard carry-on, 4 wheelers full spinning medium size trolley. This must be taken especially when traveling to other countries as sometimes your trolley meets some harsh airport ground staffs who assumes your trolley bag as a bag of potatoes and throws it in any manner. Their reckless handling may disappoint you.

    I have opted the below piece because of its superb amazing features-

    1. It has good space as compared to other trolley.
    2. Comes with 5 years International warranty. This is the most required feature for a traveler.
    3. Scratch Resistant and Light weight
    4. 360 Degree Smooth Wheeling System

          Flipkart safari trolley link- Safari Mosaic Check-in Luggage – 26 inch

    • 2. Rucksack

    During short trips which can end in a day or two, I prefer rucksacks as the best alternatives to trolleys. It can easily accommodate 3-4 pairs of dress materials, 2 pairs of shoes, slippers, jackets, cameras and documents as well. It is best suited and can be easily carried as backpack.

    Rucksack- Skybags Tropic-45 3.5 L Laptop Backpack  (Grey, Green)

    • 3. Backpack

    I always prefer to carry a medium cross-body bag when travelling with trolley, as I cannot take my trolley with me every time while roaming the destined city or place. Backpack is always a wise option to keep mobile phones, cameras, documents, water bottles and other essentials while exploring the city or beaches. The important thing while buying a backpack is to make sure it is water proof and has padded straps to let not trouble your shoulder.

    The best backpack I prefer is the Skybags Komet 51 Ltrs Grey Laptop Backpack

    4. Zip pocket jacket

    From the time I paid Rs.3000 to a Ticket checker in train (Rs.600 as fine and Rs.2400 for extra ticket), as I lost my ticket while taking my mobile from my jeans pocket, the 1st thing I started looking after coming back from my trip is a sling jacket with zip pocket which can be wore in any season. The reason behind this is, the jeans we men wore has only two pockets in front which we basically used to keep mobile and purse in each of them. On journey, I never prefer to keep these items in my back pocket just to be safe from pick-pocketing. Always carry a zip pocket jacket to ensure that you have easy access to your tickets, coins and few currencies for which you won’t have to take your purse out everytime

    After hovering over through different e-commerce sites, I finally bought the Puma Charcoal Grey Evostripe Jacket. This not only looks cool but is comfortable as well with simple t-shirts and jeans while roaming in cities.

    5. Shoes

    Instead of carrying multiple sets of sports shoes and boots, I always opt for waterproof, durable sneakers. It not only takes less space in your bag while traveling but is also comfortable and can be used multi-purposely.

    For my convenience, I bought Puma Men’s Sneakers from Amazon. I got this in just Rs.1400. I like the color and later I loved this. It is also very light weighted when compared to others.

    6.  Durable torch

    One of the most important and recommended item to carry with you is either a durable torch or a headlamp, especially when you are on a night trip, in a dense jungle or on a night out in desert. Many of us usually prefer mobile flashlight as an alternative, but this doesn’t gonna sound good at every situation. This usually drains mobile battery at a double speed and you might feel the urgency of using your mobile when its charge goes down.

    For my use, I bought Wipro Emerald Rechargeable Torch from Flipkart at a very small price of Rs.640. It is lightweight and handles a good range of up to 500 meters.

    7. Anti-bacterial wipes, Sanitizers, and 1st aid kit

    When you are a solo traveler and being on your own, you must be cautious and avoid getting sick at any cost either due to infection, viral fevers, minor accidents or even by small aches. The easiest way to avoid these uninvited guests on your trip is to have anti-bacterial wipes, sanitizers and one First aid kit having set of basic customized medicines and other necessary stuffs.

    These basic stuffs in your first aid kit must include medicine related to cough and cold, fever, headaches, nausea, vomiting, eye allergy drops, pain killer sprays, antibiotics, small and large bandages, Dettol, cotton, and others if prescribed by a physician.

    I usually prefer Himalaya Purehand hand sanitizer and Origami So Soft wet wipes

    8. International adapters

    Depending on where you’re traveling, you may need to change plugs as different countries have different socket designs to insert plugs. So to avoid any such circumstances where you have all your electronics stuffs but no point to charge them, you should always have an international adapter. As I already mentioned above that we should always pack smarter. This same logic should be kept in mind while buying international adapters.

    I always prefer such adapters which can not only help me inserting plugs in sockets but can be used for different purposes as well.

    To summarize all my issues related to charging socket and plus, I bought the TECH SHOP Universal Adapter, which can be used for multiple functions.

    This adapter accepts Plugs From More 150 Countries with USA/EU/UK/AU/CHINA/JAPAN Plugs and is equipped with Built-in Safety Shutters. It has dual USB Ports as well for charging mobile phones, iPhone, iPad and power banks. The best thing about this adapter is that it comes with a warranty of 1 year.


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